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Sorry for the silence, currently drowning in schoolwork and portfolio work but I got tagged by the lovely Lise to do an interview! So here goes!

Garden Adventures

1) What is your name:
My name is Jun!
2) What is your nationality/ethnicity?
Uh..uh.. Mixed! Chinese and u-um.. British I think Yoshi told me o A o they bleach my hair.. u 3 u *points at hair*
3) When were you born/how old are you?
Ah…uh.. *counts fingers* 8!
4) What is your race (human/angel/demon/etc)?
I’m huuuumaaan *puffes cheeks* So is Pax even though she says she isn’t but I think she is! >w< She doesn’t even have pointy ears like Máli or Ènnan!
5) Are you single or taken? Who is your lover/crush?
Mah what? *tilts head* I think I like Máli best of them aaaalll *hugs her*
6)Are you straight/bi/trans/etc?
I don’t know what that is o w o I love Máli!
7) Favorite hobby?
I like to draw! And when Máli and Nox try to teach me about their world
8) Favorite food & drink?
L-..Lasagna! And pepsi!
9) Do you have a job?
Nopies! Iseul says I’m too little!
10) What is your favorite animal?
I like horsies! And Puppies!
11) What is your bad habit?
Uuuuh, Pax and Nox always complains when I pick my nose! And I’m messy!
12) What is your favorite hangout? 
At the magical tree in the fairy garden o A o
13) Do you have a favourite holiday?
Christmas! Pretty lights and giiifts >w< Imma get a big gift from Máli and Iseul, she said so!
14) Dolls (from other families) you'd like to meet?
Ah, uh .. I think that Ayla (From Chazzi’s family) seems nice! And uh, Phia from Lily’s, and um um.. everyone seems nice, I want to meet everyone! *puffes cheeks*
15) Would you briefly tell us your background?
I don’t really remember my mom and dad, but Yoshi took me in and then we were taking in by Winter o A o and then I met Mali, and and … then they all disappeared one by one u 3 u Máli is still here though and then I met Iseul and all the others and now we’re in their world a lot, yes.

And because tagging is fun, although you can skip it if you wanna!
Maria's Ayla 
Lise's Gerda 
Kurisu's Alice 
Anne's Hamlet

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay, I'm so glad you wanted to do this too :D It was lots of fun reading about Jun. He's just such a sweetheart <3
    And thanks for the tag back :3

    1. A bit belated, but thanks! :D
      And no problem, thanks for tagging me in the first place haha XD

  2. Aw he is just too cute :3
    What an adorable personality ^^
    And I promise you I'll convince Alice to do an interview too ;)

    1. Thank you! ^___^
      And yay! :D we'll be looking forward to that!

  3. Jun is way too adorable! :D And I'm sure Ayla would love to play with him!!
    Thanks for the tag, Ayla is already looking forward to it. xD

    1. Thanks! ; u ; can't wait to see Ayla's answering this >V< she's so cute too!

  4. Oh my, he is adorable!!! Loved some of his answers!!
    Would you add Google Followers so I can follow your blog? I want to stay in touch and read more about your dolls!

  5. Hi there! :D
    Thank you so much! >v< I thiiink I added it right, or else let me know and I'll try to fix it :D Thanks for wanting to keep up with my little doll family XD I love reading about yours <3

    1. Thank you!! You are really kind :3
      I'm following you now!