mandag den 18. maj 2015

Luck, kind artists and the powers of layaway!

Hi everyone, so, long time no see!
It's been precisely a month now since I updated this blog and I'm sorry about that, school has been a killer, and I've gotten into so many fights with my MSC that faceups haven't been something calling for my attention recently.
I went to take some pictures with Maria and Lise a few weeks ago though - but these haven't been uploaded anywhere yet, so that's for another post.

As the title suggests though, I DO have something to talk about.

Just recently I've started to fall in love with some of the European Doll Artists sculpt, and when I saw that I had missed the last pre-order for Heartstrung Ruse, by a month or so, I was sad. It was a doll that had caught my attention a couple of times, but everytime the pre-order had already been there. This time though, it seemed like there were still some dolls in stock, so I contacted Amal, the creator, and asked, if maybe maybe I could get in on one of her beautiful dolls.
To my luck and surprise, she agreed to this, AND allowed me a layaway!
I recieved the beautiful girl in April, as I scraped funds together to be able to pay my last two layaway terms at once, and oh my god she's gorgeous. I can't wait to get to paint her, give her a wig and proper eyes!
And then I'll post a picture of the blank head doll, vs the costumized one, since again, I don't have any pictures at hand of her.

Next up, I applied for an art school here in Denmark and sadly didn't get in, but I'll try again next time. I had however promised myself that if I didn't get in, I could buy myself a doll as a .. compensation reward so to say. Problem was that then I went on the hunt, tried to see what doll would be the perfect one, and it's all too cluttered up. I missed the ponies from Luts, because I hesitated too much, there were a lot of secondhand dolls catching my attention, but no one really screamed THE one.
After bit I suddenly stumbled over the Apodoll Melía. At first I thought it looked odd, it's body with so many joints, but very interesting style of body type and face. The preorder was going on, and as it did she started growing on me a bit more. I then watched Steven Universe with my boyfriend, and suddenly thought of the doll as I stumbled over it once more, realizing it would be the perfect embodiment of Pearl, one of my favorite characters AND my boyfriends favorite character. At this point however, the preorder had been closed for five days, and damn. So, y'know, I hoped there'd be another one, and commented on CustomLover's Facebook page, with that exact statement.
Barely ten minutes later, I was contacted by the artist in question, offering me that if I was serious, she could let me in on having one, considering that the dolls were just arriving at the casting company!
This threw me completely off guard, and after being frustrated for a bit, talking with my boyfriend about it and crunching numbers, I asked the artist if a layaway was available, and if so for how long. She answered that three months was the normal one, but I could get it longer if I wanted!
So now I have the last doll of 2015, an Apodoll Melía on my way, with a five months layaway!

With that I'd like to conclude this post by saying, thank you, thank you so much, doll artists and artists in general and fellow bjd collectors, for being so kind and accomodating,  and spreading happiness into this community, and my boyfriend for being so supporting of my hobby, and I hope I can make you all at least the slightest of justice, when finally I finish costumizing my dolls at home and share my pictures. Because I love each and all of them, and each and all of you.

See you around!

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  1. Congrats on Melia ^^ The artist is indeed kind! It's so wonderful to be in a hobby with these kinds of people :)
    I can't wait to see Melia, and the rest of your dolls all finished up :D

    1. Thank you so much! :D And yes it is >w<
      Haha, thanks XD I can't wait to see them done either >w<

  2. Aw, she is such a cute sculpt. Congratulations! :D

    1. Thank you so much! :D I can't wait to see her!