torsdag den 18. juni 2015

Not a Model or Anything ... [Withdoll Aiden]

So two months or so ago, Lise and Maria visited and we went to take some pictures of ..well dolls in the area around where I live :) Made me fall slightly in love with the Moe-line body from fairyland, so cute and petite, wow <3
Pictures under the cut!

Sorry for the repetitive poses, I have since this trimmed her wig so hopefully this won't be her default pose with her hands xD

Also, Omake since the position against the light sucked balls - but also size difference reference:
 Luts Kid Delf Kelp Fantasy version - Withdoll Aiden on Girl body - M-line Ante

Great day to ya'll!
- Michelle

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  1. Aileen is just such a darling <3 :3 Great pictures!