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Liebster Award!

Hi, so, I've been tagged in this Liebster Award by  Kurisu and Musume and I just want to say thanks a lot, to both of you! I'm so sorry that it has taken so long for me to get back in answering it, school has been beating me up!

The rules of this award goes as the following:
  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog. 
  2. Post the award image on your blog. 
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter. 
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers. 
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer. 
  6. List these rules in your post. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.
So I will start with Kurisu's questions and then answer Musume's :D

Kurisu's Questions first!
 1. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you because of this hobby?
I think meeting new people and starting to forge new friendships is definitely one of the things. A person who I know consider my best friend, was someone I met through this hobby. :) Besides that, it is all the creative aspects really <3 Learning new skills is fun!

2. Do you think this hobby has changed you as a person?
I don't really think so no xD

 3. When did you start collecting, and what was your idea when you started (like limits of how many dolls, limits as to what to spend, maybe you only wanted dolls from a certain company)?
I started collecting around 2008 I think? I was still living at home, and my mom was pretty set on me only getting one of these expensive dolls, although I pretty quickly got a second one, agreeing with her that only TWO and then I should switch around in those I have if I wanted more... Not that it stayed liked that, though. *glances at doll collection* xD The companies that I knew of at the time were pretty limited to Luts, Dream of Doll, Doll-Zone and Dollmore, mostly. And then more things started showing up ahaha.

4. What are the main reasons why you are in this hobby?
Well, I've actually been inactive for a while, until a year ago, but so far I'm pretty sure I'm here for the people that I talk with, like Nikki, but also because I generally like to collect things, and I love playing with the dols, dressing them and what not, even if there doesn't always come pictures out from it. :)

5. Are there certain people/brands/etc. that inspires your collection?
 I follow a LOT of people in this hobby, but I am always in awe of those who make wigs, outfits, faceups and generally props themselves. I think some of my biggest doll inspirations are probably Sicktress and MisMantisBJD on Tumblr, to keep the list short :D

6. Where do you store your doll-boxes?
It depends, some of the YoSD boxes are currently in my closet used as storage, but Nereus's Kid Delf box is in the basement, where Ameko's box will also be joining soon. I like keeping the boxes, you never know when you'll need it again. Besides, it's good for storage while moving.

7. How long did you wait on your dolls from they were paid off until you had them in your hands? Please mention the fastest and slowest!
I think the fastest was probably the CP Delf Chiwoo I had once, second-hand doll, that took a week or so to get here. The longest was definitely my Soom MD Hati, Mali, who took well around half a year to get here. Most other dolls have taken a while too, with layaway, but shipping has not taken that long :D

8. What is the most appealing feature in a dolls face?
Nose, lips <3 I like kissy lips on dolls, or full lips in general!

9. Do you have a no-go? F.ex. big noses, angry eyes, teeth showing, etc.
Well, sorta but still no? Too exaggerated is a bit too much for me, like some of Dollpam's faces for example. Besides that, I'm not really sure if I do have no-gos, my tastes in dolls are .. kinda broad. At least I like to think so.

10. If you could have any doll in the world, which do you desire most?
Oh wow, that would probably be a Dark Tan Ninon from Cerisedolls ;w; Or the Dreaming Ninon in Dark Tan whenever it comes out.

11. Do you have a preferred skin tone for your resin buddies?
I don't mind different skintones but the recent purchases show that I have a bias towards tan skins, currently :P  I'd love to have a lot of different skintones though, for the sake of variety!

And then Musume's Questions
1. Have you learned any craft because of the hobby? 
I have begun making faceups, sewing a bit and making wigs! I'm planning on trying out eye-making as soon as my mold get here :D

2. Have you gotten a doll you thought you would never get?
YES! My Luts Tiny Delf Peter Centaur is definitely one doll I never thought I would get, as I discovered them a year later than the preorder had been there, but I found one second-hand <3 And now I'm getting more tiny-taurs :P

3. Do you have a preference for any BJD size in particular?
I'll have to say YoSD's. Even if my collection by now is getting more varied with sizes, I can't ignore the fact that the doll-size I currently have the most of are Soomlings and a single Littlefee <3

4. Do you collect any other type of doll besides BJDs?
I have a couple of Monster High dolls, and a Disney Fairy doll that I bought mostly to steal the clothes for Fae ... I do however collect Schleich animals!

5. Have you ever "re-shelled" a character?
I've planned to, but that one character sorta never came back haha. Pax, my Soom Minette, will however be reshelled into a Tiny Delf Centaur one day <3 Maybe a Kai for the grumpy face :) My Minette would get another character, because I still very much like the doll <3

6. What calls your attention first: the head sculpts or the body sculpts?
Heads, definitely. Body afterwards. xD

7. Do you "research" the hobby? (find new releases, read reviews, find info about brands...)
Sometimes I do. If I set my mind on a doll I like to see if I can find owner pictures first, if it's a doll that's not limited/has been out for a while (*cough* We need more Withdoll Aiden's out there *cough*)

8. Do your dolls have a back story?
Some of them do. It's very loose, and mostly just so they can engage in each other's worlds no matter the size XD Ameko i.e. is meant to be a reincarnation of Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun in Japanese mythology, and thus she will be the main ruler of all in the doll realm xD Nereus hates this fact.

9. How do you take photos of your dolls: go outside, prepare a big setup, or just snap in any place?
I go outside or use my couch as background muahaha. I'm really bad at doing setups :P

10. Which is your main avenue to enjoy the hobby? Blogs, videos, forums, social sites?
All of the above xD I read on DOA, read blogs, watch timelapse face up paintings on youtube and I am in BJD groups on FB 8D;

11. Have you done doll cosplay?
Nope! And not planning to either

Considering how late I was in answering this I'm kinda assuming that mostly everyone already filled out the questions, so no tags here ^___^ Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay was great to read your Liebster Award answers! :D

  2. Ah how fun to read these still ^^~ I enjoy seeing it go around!

    I agree with you on the tan~ its such a lovely color! :O

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it ^^
      It iis :D <3

  3. I loved reading these, thanks for sharing~
    I also love dolly lips :D

    1. Dolly lips are the beeest >w< specially the kissy ones!

  4. Haha great read! Thanks for doing it *^^*

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! :D thanks for the tag ^___^

  5. YoSDs are the best! I can't wait till I can expand my tiny crew. xD

    It was great to read your answers! Hope school isn't too hard on you. ^^