søndag den 28. december 2014

Hi everyone!

So with a new year around the corner, I decided to try and start a blog about one of my hobbies, BJDS's, or Ball-jointed dolls.

I thought it could be fun to do, having begun to read some bjd blogs recently myself, and it also gives me a possibilty for having another outlet for talking about the hobby!

To present myself at first, my name is Michelle, but I'm known as Anori or Anori-chan/Anorichan on the web, and I currently reside in Denmark. I've been in the hobby since 2007, and currently I have six full dolls at home with one incoming, and one ordered. This blog will probably mostly be used to talk about my doll plans and the like, but also to share some pictures, and hopefully connect a bit more with some of the other hobbyists. That's be nice in any case!

Here's a picture of my doll family, lacking only one of the bunch but he hadn't come home at that time. :) from left to right we have Iseul, a Soom Taco, Pax a Soom Minette, Nox a Luts Tiny Delf Peter, Jun a Littlefee Shiwoo and last but least, Mali a Soom Hati.

I don't know what else to post just right now, but I'll be thinking about making a schedule of a sort so some days I post about one thing and some days about other things, but we'll see. In any case I just wanted to introduce myself and the blog, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this will not be a dead place by the end of winter. Still got a lot of fixing up for the design of the blog, so that's next on the list.

I hope you al have a great day!

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  1. Yay, great to see your new blog :D Can't wait to read more about your lovely family! <3