søndag den 4. januar 2015

2014 progress, 2015 plans!

So I thought I might as well add my plans for what I'm going to do this year, and what happened last year. :)

Let's start with 2014.

I started out having the following dolls at home:
Dollzone BB Ani
Littlefee Shiwoo
Soom Hati
Soom Taco
Soom Minette

During this year I decided that I would sell Ani, which is still a work in progress since with all my moving around she got lost and I just refound her a couple of weeks ago.

2015 however turned out to be the year where I've invested the most money and time into this hobby. In the start of the year I finally painted my Minette, after moving I made a pretty big order from Taobao with clothes to all of the dolls, I bought a Tiny Delf Peter Centaur on layaway secondhand, making it my first tan doll, and grail doll to have obtained and bought a Soom Alk from a friend leaving the hobby. I also tried getting more active by going to doll meets, and started talking more with the dears that are Lise and Maria and was inspired by them, and other great bloggers to start my own blog, just recently.

Alk and Peter were however not the only dolls I bought, in October I purchased a Luts Kid Delf Kelp - Poseidon Limited Fantasy version, who's currently stuck in customs and will hopefully arrive during the coming week, and a few days before Christmas (!!) I ordered a WithDoll Aiden head with a Girl body in their brown tan during the Christmas event. It will probably be a while before I see her though!

So I exited 2014 with the following doll collection:
Littlefee Shiwoo
Soom Hati
Soom Taco
Soom Minette
Soom Alk
Tiny Delf Peter Centaur

And Ordered in 2014 but will arrive in 2015:
Luts Kid Delf Kelp - Poseidon Limited Fantasy Version
WithDoll Aiden Girl

That brings us to the next step of the way, the 2015 plans!

- This years most important goal is to purchase the Iplehouse K.I.D. Joy. I've been wanting to buy him as the reshelling of my character Yoshi/Joshua, for years now!
- After he's bought, there are the maybes of Minifee Karsh and Mio. And a pukifee. I would really like a second friend to my Tiny Delf.
- New eyes and wigs
- Learn to make wigs myself
- Buy some more clothes and shoes
- Practice sewing!
- Actually take more pictures!

So yes, those are the current plans and I really hope I can stick with them haha.
And speaking of pictures! I was out taking some yesterday with Lise and Maria, so there will be something more visual on this blog!

Anyway, apologies for the rant!

Great day to you all~

4 kommentarer :

  1. I couldn't even remember you used to own an Ani. :P I have owned one too. How come you want to sell her? :D
    I'm really excited to see your MSDs! Especially Aiden (but I do have a thing for girls) Haha. :P
    But you have some great goals! I sincerely hope you can fulfill them :D

    1. I've never really taken pictures of her, so no wonder, haha xD But I don't really feel that she fits into the family and she's on the old dollzone body and old strings so.. XD;

      I'm excited to see them too! Specially Aiden too actually xD Been a while since a doll purc hase has gotten me this excited!

      thanks, and you too!

  2. Very nice goals indeed! ^^
    Hehe I tracked down your blog and will be subscribing from now on ;P
    I love your tinies and how different they are. A nice and diverse collection. :)
    Wish you all the best for your new year, and I look forward to following you :D

    1. Thank you! ^__^
      Aah, neat :P Then we'll be stalking eahc other haha XD
      And I really appreciate that! :) I hope I can keep them diverse when I paint some of them myself that's gonne be fun xD;
      Thanks again!