onsdag den 16. september 2015

Oops! I'm off to SD-land!


So. To be fair, back in the days when I joined the hobby I actually had an SD as my second doll. It was gorgeous, CP dreaming Chiwoo painted and modded by one of the community members, but the body was an Delf female body to male mod. So balance was pretty off, and the strings probably could've use some restringing, so in the end I sold the doll, to pay for another one (Ahaha; ).
Since then I had a pretty good feeling that I wouldn't have any SD's, since YOSD's were just that much easier to transport, and I sold my MSD boy too, a couple of years ago.
The latter part has obviously changed again with the addition of Aileen, Nereus and Pearl (Who arrived last week ; u ; yaaay) to the family, and I thought, okay, just stay there.

Then MerryDollRounds Fang happened XD
Limited edition, caramel skin with only 15 dolls available..
I had promised myself not to get more dolls in 2015, but she was so pretty.
I walked around the two weeks up to the preorder, and angsted, considering, reconsidering, and going back and forth without arriving at any other conclusion than damn, what a beauty. But what if she'd be too big? What if this, what if the other.

In the end, after talking it through with my boyfriend and some friends, specially Lise I ended up jumping the gun.
I'm off to SD-land, waiting for a gorgeous tan Fang, who I'll be calling Ameko, and I'll be basing her character off Amaterasu, the sun-goddess from the Japanese religion Shintoism >w< I'm so excited!

If she gets here before 2016 however, my boyfriend will be holding her hostage until we pass Midnight on New Years Eve, so I technically won't break my promise 8D;;

Besides news on that part, then as I mentioned earlier on, I recieved Pearl, my Apodoll Mélia :D She's gorgeous and perfect for the part, so I can't wait to paint her and get her eyes (I don't have extras orz) and wig, and clothes and pretty much everything haha. Pretty sure that my focus will shift to doll accessories the coming year, or at least I hope so.

Also, I was considering if I should start adding some art-stuff with drawings and what not to the blog? Would probably help me update more often, since .. Well, I just do more drawings than play with dolls also due to schoolwork. @w@ Opinions?

And what are you guys' doll-plans for the rest of 2015? :DD

4 kommentarer :

  1. OMG congratulations on you newest additions! :D
    Fang is gorgeous! I hope you'll be glad you got her, even though she is bigger than your other dollies. ^^

    You should post some of your art stuff here. It's your blog, so feel free. I'd do it too if I still drew a lot. :D

    I just hope I won't need more dolls this year...I've received 4 SDs so far, getting my 5th home this week and then still paying off a 6th oO" when I see it written like this I'm sort of embarrased at my spending XD

    1. Thank you so much! :D I really hope so haha xD But I can't see why not as gorgeous as she is :3

      I may do that then! :D been drawing a lot lately, even if the semester has started and that makes me really happy haha XD I'd love to see some of your drawings too at some point :3

      Oooh that's a fair amount! Not that I am much better though, although it has been MSD's I've been recieving a bunch of xD I saw your Crow, and I can't wait to see you paint him and all the others too :D your crew will be AWESOME >w<

  2. I'm sososo excited about Fang!! XD Yaaaay
    She's gonna be absolutely gorgeous in your crew! And we can have our dolls interact! Yay, I'm so happy for you :3

    1. WEEE excitemeeent :DDD
      Thank you! I really hope I can style her properly and stuff like that, and YESS >w< that's gonna be so much fun!!
      Thank you sweetie <33