torsdag den 10. december 2015

Progress of 2015 BJD plans and general updates

Hi everyone, long time no see!
I'm really backlogged as I've been tagged in some memes, but school has been a killer. xD; I decided however that I would want to do the 2015 doll plan progresses/balance as I saw Musume has done, and encouraged people to do, so let's go for it! Goals will be in bold, how they went will be in italics xD

- This years most important goal is to purchase the Iplehouse K.I.D. Joy. I've been wanting to buy him as the reshelling of my character Yoshi/Joshua, for years now!
I pooped this one completely. I decided that I actually didn't like the sculpt as much as I have had, and now I'm considering shelling him (or as she'll be a her) into an Iplehouse Asa instead, but we will see.

- After he's bought, there are the maybes of Minifee Karsh and Mio. And a pukifee. I would really like a second friend to my Tiny Delf.
Instead of a Minifee Karsh, Mio and pukifees, I recieved my Kid Delf Kelp, Heartstrung Ruse and Apodoll Melia, and I am currently waiting for a MerryDollRound Fang in caramel and most recently an ImplDoll Deborah head in tan skin!

- New eyes and wigs
I got to buy a wig for Aileen (Withdoll Aiden) and eyes for her and Pearl (Apodoll Melia), but failed with all the others ahaha.

- Learn to make wigs myself
I've made three wigs this year myself, and I just gotta keep practicing!

- Buy some more clothes and shoes
I DID buy some clothes during the year, for the dolls, and shoes so that Aileen has two sets, and Fae (Heartstrung Ruse) has a pair of cute boots <3 So sorta got this one??

- Practice sewing!
I handsewed an outfit, and some pants for Nereus (Kid Delf Kelp) but besides that ...

- Actually take more pictures!
This one I feel like I completed! I haven't uploaded many of them, but I have actually been taking a lot more pictures this year than last year :)

 So overall I don't think I did so super bad.. except that most of my dolls are lying around in piees awaiting faceups and the like ahah. But school has been kicking ass, and I gotta finish an compiled amount of 50 pages for my three written exams for the 4th of January, so I will probably not show up before after then, unless I get REALLY far, before I recieve Ameko so I can post pictures >w<

Peace out!

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  1. I don't think you did too bad :D Considering how busy you are, it's understandable. And every thing will work out in the end.
    I'm super excited to see Ameko ;w; You need to bring her next time we meet up!

    1. Thanks! I hope so too haha xD I really hope next semester is a bit slower so I can do more dolly-related stuff :P
      Me too ; w ; I definitely will!

  2. Cool! Haha you sure changed plans XD'
    Its so funny to go back and see stuff like "I'm definitely gonna buy THIS doll" and then you ended up with a completely different doll XD
    I hope we get to see more pics of your collection next year. You have some pretty interesting sculpts :D

    1. I did yeah xD
      It is kinda fun, and I hope to keep the ball rolling (Not necessarily in terms of buying more dolls, but completing the ones I got 8D;; )

      I'll do my best! :D As soon as I'm done with my exams I'll probably try and get some painting done if the weather is to it. Trying out this .. Vallejo matte varnish thing on the headcaps of the dolls, applying it with a sponge, so if that works out I'll be using that instead of MSC =w=

  3. It's really interesting how your plans changed over the year :D
    I hope we get to see you update more frequently, but I can totally understand that you are too busy :)

    1. Sho many changes in plans :D
      I'll do my best :3 I may join in in some sort of challenge that can put me to post more often, but we'll see xD

  4. You got great goals! :D it's always fun to have some unfinished dolly projects lying around though~ looking forward to you seeing more photos of those too!

    1. Thank you! :D I'm excited to see what my proper goals for the next year will be haha
      Pictures will definitely be one of them!

  5. You did pretty good with your plans! :D Sometimes it's really difficult making yearly plans as you never know how you might change your mind about something halfway through the year. xD

    1. I hope you'll be making a post like this too? :D
      And thank you! It is xD it's really fun to see though how something changes from the beginning to the end of the year xD