fredag den 6. januar 2017

Welcome 2017! Looking back on plans, and looking into the future.

Hi guys!
Long time no see, but I've been quite busy, and now since I'm in Japan, with no dolls, I have had a hard time figuring out what to blog about haha. But since it's 2017 now, let's do the review of the year, and plans for the upcoming one! :D
Rest is under the cut :3

To begin with I'll post the plans for 2016 in bold, and then sum up how they went, underneath.

I ended 2016 with the following "stats":

Littlefee Shiwoo
Soom Hati
Soom Taco
Soom Minette
Soom Alk
Tiny Delf Peter Centaur
Luts Kid Delf Kelp Poseidon - Fantasy version
Withdoll Aiden
Heartstrung Ruse
Apodoll Melia
MerryDollRound Fang
ImplDoll Deborah
Tiny Delf Centaur Mytyl
Tiny Delf Centaur Gerda

Waiting for:
Feeple65 Siean Elf

As the list shows, I was actually pretty good with not buying dolls in 2016, although it did pain my heart when I missed som releases, and the urges to buy them have been there most definitely! I managed to play nice, right up until I saw that Fairyland had re-released the basic Feeple65 Siean Elf. This doll is probably the closest I will come to a grail, but she got on sale two months before me going to Japan, and I was so so so scared that I would miss the chance of getting her yet again. I put her on order though in November, after much consideration, on a layaway from Dolkus, blank in NS, with her sleeping face and high heels, so now I am pretty much just waiting as I paid the last installment on New years Eve, and, wow, guys ;w; it feels pretty amazing, as I discovered her a couple of years ago and she had already been marked as sold out back then, and now she is back again!
Besides that I got the Impldoll Idol body in a trade with the wonderful Nikki <3 So now my Impldoll Deborah (Called Kiseki) is a full doll! yay! :D

So going from that to the actual plans I wrote down, let's see what we got!
- Paint Ameko (MDR Fang), Pearl (Apodoll Melia), Mali (Soom Hati) and Jun (Littlefee Shiwoo)
I managed to do this one! And not only that, but I also managed to paint Kiseki (Impldoll Deborah) AND one of the other tinytaurs! So if I'm not completely wrong I actually only have one blank doll at home (except the floaty head of my Taco, and the Littlefee sleeping face) that needs painting! :D yaaay!

- Repair Pearl's finger (I managed to break it ; w ;)
Didn't manage to do this one, but I will do it when I get back >w< I might get some miliput while here in Japan to make it easier for me though!
- More clothes for everyone
I did make an Nine9style order with a bit of clothes for Ameko and Pearl, and Nikki was so kind to give me an outfit for Kiseki! So sort of got this one down I guess? xD I've also been buying SD clothes here in Japan though, so although the focus has been on the bigger members of the crew, there has been some! 

- A set of shoes for Ameko and Pearl as they are currently missin
Came in with the Nine9Style order! Also got some shoes for Chihiro (Siean Elf), for when she arrives :D

- Get some fibers to make wigs for specially Ameko and Pearl
Didn't get around to do this, but I bought a wig from Frappzilla Studios for Pearl, and commissioned an alpaca wig from SophyMolly on Etsy for Ameko! So something did go down :D

- Eventually make wigs for everyone in natural fiber as it just looks more natural
Another one that didn't happen, mainly because money restraint, but we'll see what happens in 2017 xD

- Practice sewing
I did try to sew a little (Just not for the dolls xD) but eh :D It doesn't really count.

- Try making at least one set of eyes.
I started on this one, actually. I have a couple of bases home in Denmark and another one here in Japan! Just need to get a hold of some silicone and something to continue making it with haha xD
- Continue practicing with pictures.
Nope, didn't really happen. I mean I did take some pictures, but considering how many dolls needed faceup and what not... xD And also that I lacked dolls for the last three months of the year didn't exactly help a lot >w<

So all in all I don't really feel that I did thaat horrible with my goals. xD So what will this years goals be? I'm honestly not completely sure, because I'll be working on my thesis instensely in the next couple of months.. But I think I'll continue some of the ones from last year.
Summing it up it might be

Clothes and shoes for all sizes
Paint both of Chihiro's faces
Paint Jun's sleeping face
Try to post at least one picture a month on the blog, after Chihiro is recieved (and thus also post once a month XD)

I think it sounds pretty decent for the next year xD Keeping it simple this time around >w< Let's see if it lasts!

I hope you guys had some wonderful holidays and a very happy new year! :D

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  1. I think you did great :D And I'm so excited you actually got Chihiro! <3
    I hope you can achieve your goals for 2017 as well :D

    1. Thank you sweetie! :D
      I hope so too, hopefully I have kept them simple enough haha!

  2. If you're in Japan there must be heaps of awesome stuff to blog about :D :D

    Great goals, I hope you can accomplish them x3

    1. I have actually been making vlogs on my youtube! :D But since it's mostly art oriented (with vlogs xD) I haven't really been plugging it here since I sorta think of this blog as mainly just doll-related? :D

      Thank you so much <3 >w<