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2017 plans recap, and plans for 2018!

So it's that time of the year where I go here and sum up my last year plans and then go "hey let's see how well I did"! And ... considering that this is my second post of 2017, and the year is ending, it is probably fair to say I failed a couple of them, haha.

So, throughout 2017 I received the Feeple65 Siean Elf I was waiting for, while I was in Japan, and the only doll I actually bought was a Unoa Sist faceplate which I am about to sell, so my doll list has not really changed per se. But okay, let's look at the plans and take it from there!

2017 doll list:
Littlefee Shiwoo
Soom Hati
Soom Taco
Soom Minette
Soom Alk
Tiny Delf Peter Centaur
Luts Kid Delf Kelp Poseidon - Fantasy version
Withdoll Aiden
Heartstrung Ruse
Apodoll Melia
MerryDollRound Fang
ImplDoll Deborah 
Tiny Delf Centaur Mytyl
Tiny Delf Centaur Gerda
Feeple65 Siean Elf
Unoa Sist faceplate (To be sold)

Clothes and shoes for all sizes
- I did not get clothes and shoes for all sizes, but I did manage to snag some clothes and shoes for the SD girls at a dollmeet with Nikki, so at least that's something, wee!

Paint both of Chihiro's faces
- 50/50, I did paint the OE head of her, but I have not gotten around to finish painting her sleeping head yet.

Paint Jun's sleeping face
- Pretty much the same as above!

Try to post at least one picture a month on the blog, after Chihiro is recieved (and thus also post once a month XD)
- HAHAHA. My definite fail of the year, but hey.

Everything considered i am pretty satisifed with how I have ared in the hobby this year, although I have not been the most active. I have enjoyed my dolls, taken some of them to meets or on trips,  and I do not currently have unpainted dolls (that I am keeping/main faces are painted), so that gives a nice feeling of satisfaction. :P Although I am sad that I have missed out on lots of releases that I have liked a lot, but eh, such is life. xD I came home from Japan in March, and since then I slaved away on my thesis and now after graduating I am tryng to find a rhthm in life while drawing and job-hunting, so that's something I guess!

My plans for the coming year however look something a la:

More MSD clothes
- Specially for Nereus, but Aileen and Pearl's wardrobe could also use an update. xD

More yoSD clothes
- So the smol ones can have more interchangable clothes xD

Practice wig-making
- I really want to get better at this!

Practice shoe-making
- Made one pair for Nikki at their meetup, and I wanna try making more.

Take part in ADAW
- I really want to give this a go, so I can at least post a weekly something.

The thing is that in the first couple of months of the year I am preparing for conventions, so jobhunting and cons (drawings mainly) are my priority. But since I am participatingi n the upcoming Danish Doll convention, and got a seat in the artist alley there too, I really do wanna be able to present something nice for that too!

Anyway, thank you for reading this, and I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and come safely into the new year!!!

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