søndag den 14. januar 2018

ADAW 2/52 - Continuing on with the portraits!

Hey guys!
Sticking to the vibes of last week - albeit with a little more intricate editing - we feature another portrait! Yay!
So this week it's Chihiro, my Feeple65 Siean Elf, and it is making me think I should get around to blush and paint her hands and nails at some point<3

I kind of really like how this editing ended up. It's my first time trying something even slightly more extensive so! But that's the beauty of this challenge, that hopefully at the end of it you will have improved a bit.
The weather here was absolute shit though, so it was much cloudy and by no means ideal to go outside... Besides that I have been on the first part of a two week course, so when I've been getting home it's been getting late, and I do not quite want to haul my big dolls with me to these courses, haha.
I really love Chihiro though, although her arm keeps wanting to pop off ... And I so so so love this wig on her, if styled right her smol ears peek through just a teensy bit <3 I do want to repaint her at some point ... but we'll see!

- I just realized too, this is probably the first time I have posted Chihiro here on the blog. And it's nearly her one year anniversary of staying with me! Time sure flies!

Anyway, thanks for reading and until next Sunday! :P

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  1. Chihiro is lovely <3 I also think it's a great photo, and the editing looks nice :)