søndag den 7. januar 2018

ADAW 1/52 - Portraits

Hey guys!
So I started out easy, if it can be put that way, with just a picture of Aileen, my Withdoll Aiden.
Not really much to say except that I really want to get her another wig at some point, haha.

It's just a very simple black background portraint, in part because of how the sun was shining, and I did not like the expressions I got from her on the pictures where she was with the plants... I really love these ED eyes on her though, one of the best purchases ever <3

That's all for now! I will try to post weekly, since I am running with the ADAW, but I might post an extra post during this week with some of the pictures I took when I went on vacation in December and brought one of the ponybutts with me. :D

Anyhow, have a great day!
- Anori

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